Parenting is much more than a creating to-do lists and having well behaved kids—it’s seeing the big-picture view of God’s plan for us as parents. Our 8-week Parenting class will outline fourteen foundational principles centered on the gospel which will help parents understand that we all need the rescuing grace of God, grace that has the power to shape how we view everything we do as parents. When parents understand that they don’t have to manufacture life-change in their children’s hearts, they can embrace a grand perspective of parenting overflowing with vision, purpose, and joy. This class will meet for 8 weeks beginning on January 19 at 10:45 AM in the upstairs Conference Room. The cost of this class is $15 per couple, payable at the first class. Please fill out the form below to register.

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Sorry, registration for this class is no longer available. Registration for next semester’s classes will reopen in Fall '20.